Our company

LAFA Legal Services is a Chinese company created with Latin American funds located in Beijing.  Our company is known for its professional approach when engaging legal advice and business opportunities in China and LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean).

Our members are fluent in the languages spoken at the main investors’ countries and most of them have worked and studied in different jurisdictions, achieving the technical and business expertise necessary to understand the industry and the economics of the transaction involved.

LAFA Legal Services moreover assists its clients in two big fields commercial and legal advice. This helps companies to ensure that potential problems are handled timely and effectively by their management, insuring its clients that their companies’ problems are handled in the most cost-effective and confidential manner. Furthermore, we pay careful consideration to conflict of interest and confidentiality issues, foreign corrupt practices regulations and international billing practices, for the security of its clients.

LAFA Legal Services therefore meets the criteria required by today’s business environment by providing an expedient, practical but secure and solid problem solving legal advice as well as the cross-cultural and legal experience required for international transactions in a global economy. We are committed to providing high quality legal services and to developing long-lasting relationships with our clients.